Learn to Prevent yourself from Generation Identity Theft

Learn to Prevent yourself from Fake Credit Card Number Generation Identity Theft


In this era, where money is transferred by cards and fingerprints and cryptocurrency wallet and various other one-touch payment gateways, life becomes very reluctant but making thievery more technical and complex to catch.


We all know how these days generation of fake credit card numbers are found in bulk. People who take part in such activities are technically thieves, but morally they are very highly educated and way more able than any common man or professionals. Nevertheless, software and applications are also produced every day to accomplish this act. Now a days hackers using some of advance technique to hack people called Wireless identity theft.

fake credit card numbers


Measures to Prevent

Thieves use your account or name and other personal credentials to generate such fake credit card numbers. Things you should keep away from, in order to fall in their trap are-

  • Do not provide your personal social security number via email.
  • Do not share your online bank login password or PIN number with anybody except for your very trusted personnel.
  • Do not mention your bank account numbers in every form on the internet
  • Try to hide your ATM, Debit, or Credit card numbers from doubtful personalities or strangers.
  • Strictly keep your Credit card validation codes with yourself
  • No need to write your phone number and address, if you sense anything improper.


Actions to Resolve

If you have already been trapped under the Identity Theft crime, take immediate measures to get rid of and catch the fraud, by some of the useful methods shared below-

  • Soon as you are aware of the fraudulent act, and you are sure it is acted on you, take no time to inform or file a report with the Local Police. Don’t forget to mention your postal code.
  • Immediately contact more than one credit card companies, and remember to inform them in detail.
  • You can also freeze the account – so that you can trace for any unaware enquiry done for your unique card.
  • Without wasting any time, straight away go and notify your Bank and other creditors linked with you.
  • Last but not the least – change all sort of account related password or PIN in no time.


This article should give you a perspective about what is happening with this present fake credit card numbers generation cyber crime that is affecting common man, and also how to be away or get rid of the misfortune.



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